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RAAGALAYA Academy of music and Arts is founded, as the name suggests, to promote, preserve and nourish music and arts in all their forms. Everything in this universe needs a creator, nourished and as the destiny demands, a terminator. Raagalaya knows its limitations and hence does not claim to belong to the first category but would like to be a part of the second. Thanks to the merit or quality of the creation and the modern electronic inventions, creations will have a longer life. We shall strive to bring the young talented artists to the limelight so as to get them the necessary exposure to nurture their skills.

It is also our objective to recognize and respect the masters of these fields, for the services rendered by them to the society. The seniors of the fields should never have been neglected once they cut down or cease to perform on account of old age, illness or any other reasons. It is an integral part of our Indian culture to express our concern, regard and respect to the elder artists and recognize their contributions. Since 2004, Raagalaya is engaged in such activities and has been honouring by bestowing Life Time Achievement Awards on them. So far, we have the privilege of honouring Shri V Dakshinamoorthy, Shri M K Arjunan, Late Raveendran, Late Shri M G Radhakrishnan, Late Johnson Master & Raghavan Master (Composers), Prof. O N V Kurup, Shri Sreekumaran Thampy (Lyricists),Smt. P Leela, Smt S Janaki,Dr. K.J. Yesudas, Shri P Jayachandran and Dr. S P Balasubrahmanyam (Singers). This year we also felicitated the famous dancer cum actress Ms. Sudha Chandran. We also held musical events in memory of late G Devarajan and late M S Baburaj. Mrs Bichcha Baburaj was personally present at the event to receive Guru Dakshina. We pledge our resolve to continue these activities in the years to come.

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