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Raagalaya Academy of Music and Arts is established with the same objective as stated here. Creation, sustenance and promotion of music are the objectives of this Academy. It is registered as a public trust and also as a society with the Charity Commissioner and Registrar of Societies of Mumbai, respectively.

There are thousands of unrecognized talents desperately seeking opportunities to enhance their skills, to expose the untapped talents and to pursue a career in music. It seems impossible to meet the aspirations of all. Nevertheless, we at Raagalaya, will be happy to be of some help to some of them. Raagalaya stands firmly with such unexposed talents and likes to be of use to them.

Every year we conduct music contest for hundreds of young music enthusiasts. Winners are awarded prizes and certificates at the hands of eminent masters of music industry. Their performances are telecasting on popular music programs of TV channels so that they get a wide exposure to the public and before the talent hunters. Winners are also provided with opportunities to perform in the company of eminent playback singers and music directors.

Any edifice growing higher and higher is wholly dependent on its base. We also acknowledge the stalwarts who pass on their batons to the younger generation to continue the journey for the benefit of the humanity, and are determined to pay our respects to and honor them in our annual gatherings. The first Raagalaya Music Awards were presented during the year 2004 at Shanmukhananda Hall Mumbai to the most deserving personalities, the doyen of Malayalam film Music Shri V. Dakshinamoorthy, the most prolific and the first Malayalee music directors of Kerala; Smt. P. Leela, the nightingale of southern India and Shri P. Jayachandran, the king of melodies, for their contribution to the Malayalam film music. This tradition was continued and the recipients of 2005 awards were Prof O.N.V Kurup, the contemporary poet and lyricist of Kerala and Smt. S. Janaki the female playback singer who enthralled the music lovers for more than three decades. We are duty-bound to continue this tradition of honoring the master in composition of music, writers of the lyrics and male and female singers.Similarly 2006 awards were given to Shri Sreekumaran Thampi the well known poet and lyrics writer of Malayalam and the well known music director Shri.M.K.Arjunan for their outstanding contributions to the Malayalam music industry. Raagalaya Music Award – 2007 was presented to the well known Music Director Late Shri. Raveendran. Raagalaya Music Award – 2008 was presented to none other than the most popular playback singer "Ganagandharvan" Padmabhooshan Dr. K.J. Yesudas. 2009 Raagalaya Music Award was presented to another most popular playback singer Dr. S.P. Balasubrahmanyam. 2010 Raagalaya Music Award was dedicated to Late Music Director M G Radhakrishnan.

2009 Raagalaya Music Award was presented to another most popular playback singer Dr. S.P. Balasubrahmanyam. 2010 Raagalaya Music Award was dedicated to Late Music Director M G Radhakrishnan. 2011 Raagalaya Music Award was dedicated to the well-known Malayalam music director Late Shri Johnson Master.

Raagalaya Music Award 2012 was dedicated to the senior most Malayalam Music Director Shri K Raghavan Master. Due to his old age he could not travel to Mumbai, Raagalaya went to his residence at Thalayi, Thalasseri in Kerala and presented him with the award comprising of Rs. 25,000/- and the Raagalaya trophy.

This year Raagalaya also felicitated the popular dancer cum actress Ms. Sudha Chandran by giving her the Life Time Achievement Award.

The awards ceremony was held at Kalidasa Natya Mandir, Mulund, Mumbai on 10th February 2013 at 5 p.m.

The award function was followed by a grand dance recital by Ms. Shobana Chandran & her troupe and a musical evening comprising ever-green hits of Shri Raghavan Master presented by the well known singers from Mumbai & Kerala. There was also a mimicry skit by Malayalam actor Ramesh Pisharody. The programme was anchored by Asianet 'Pattupetty' fame Suresh Kumar and Geetha Poduval.

The award function was followed by a grand dance recital by the most versatile actress Ms. Shobana & her troupe and a grand musical evening comprising ever-green hits of Late Shri Johnson Master presented by the well known playback singers Madhu Balakrishnan, Shweta Mohan, Preetha Kannan etc. There was also a mimicry programme by the famous caricature artist/actor Jayaraj Warrier.

We also honoured late Shri M.S. Baburaj who blended Hindustani music with Malayalam folk music and endeared one and all, postumously.His wife Smt. Bichchu Baburaj received the honours on her beloved's behalf.Life Time Achievement award was presented to Shri K.P Udayabhanu, the popular playback singer of yesteryears.

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