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Raagalaya Light Music Competition- 2011

Raagalaya Academy of Music and Arts conducted its 8th Annual Light Music Competition at Marol Education School on January 29. There were about 90 participants and the competition was divided into different age groups from the age of five to 60 years and above. The singers were divided into female and male categories and awarded the first and second prize. Consolation prizes were given to deserving participants. The first prize, consisting of Raagalaya trophy and cash certificate will be given to the winners during the Raagalaya Music Award nite on February 4 at Shanmukhananda Hall. The second prize winners and the consolation prize winners received their prizes at the venue itself. It included cash prize and a certificate.

The Competition started at 9 in the morning with the lamp being lighted by the three judges Sivaramakrishnan, SK Venugopal, and Basant and PV Vijaykumar, President of Raagalaya.

All the singers sang with enthusiasm, especially the senior singers who sang with a passion and energy that was well cheered by the audience. Every year the number of participants is increasing which is encouraging. Though the songs could be in any language, many of the singers sang in Malayalam which showed an emerging interest in Malayalam among the youngsters.

The event continued till 7.30 in the evening.

List of Prize Winners:


Raagalay Music Competition2011-Inauguration

Group A-Winners(5-10 years)

Female:1st prize:Aditi Sunil Nair
    2nd prize:Anjali Nair
Male:1st prize:Vivek Ajai Kumar
    2nd prize:A K Deepak

Group B-Winners(11-15 years)

Female:1st Prize: AK Gayathry
                2nd Prize: Anushka Menon
Consolation Prize: Bindu Anirudhan, Sruti Ravichandran, Devika Azhakesan
Male:1st Prize: Rickson George Samuel.
2nd Prize: Pranav Shankar

Group C-Winners(16-25 years)

Female:1st Prize: Smruthi Mohandas Nair
                2nd Prize: Jenya Jayakumar Nair
Consolation Prize: Ambili Somasundaran
Male:1st Prize: A R Rahul Raj
2nd Prize: Nirmal Raghunath
Consolation Prize: Shailesh Menon

Group D-Winners(26-40 years)

Female:1st Prize: Anu Shyam
                2nd Prize: Anjana Menon
Male:1st Prize: Gireesh Kumar PK.
2nd Prize: S Krishnan

Group E-Winners(41-60 years)

Female:1st Prize: Geetha Ganesh
                2nd Prize: Jessy Alexander
Consolation Prize: Mallika Bharatan
Male:1st Prize: R Venkatakrishnan
2nd Prize: C Narayanan

Group F-Winners(61 & above years)

Female:1st Prize: Indira Jayaprasad
                2nd Prize: Ramani Nair
Male:1st Prize: Deedar Singh
2nd Prize: A Ramasesan
Consolation Prize: L N Venugopal
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